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cllct takes you out to the ballgame

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With July 4 tomorrow, the team here at cllct has baseball on the mind. So, for this special edition of cllct call, we bring you “cllct at the Ballpark.”

Perhaps you might have heard about the MLB Debut patch worn by rookies in their first MLB games, a small patch sewn onto their uniform for the day and later inserted into valuable chase cards by Topps.

Well, when we heard Washington Nationals’ phenom James Wood would be making his MLB debut earlier this week, we made sure to head down to Nationals Park to watch the process from start to finish.

The Yankees' legendary "assistant to the traveling secretary" will be showcased as a bobblehead Friday, when the Yankees play host to the rival Red Sox.

We went behind the scenes to find out what went in to the planning for the Yankees’ Costanza bobblehead promotion and asked the most important question of all: Will Jason Alexander be in attendance?

The Madison Mallards of the collegiate summer Northwoods League will be undergoing a name-change this Saturday.

In a tribute to the iconic Chris Farley character from his classic “Saturday Night Live” skit, the Mallards will don blue-and-white checkered jerseys with a green tie in the front and a hat with an animated portrait of Foley.

The late Farley, a native of Madison, Wisconsin, first played Foley on "SNL" in 1993, and the skit became a phenomenon. In April, ScreenRant ranked Foley’s debut as the seventh-best skit in the show's illustrious history.

Now, the team here at cllct is no stranger to awesome, weird and unique baseball promotions (after all, our own Matt Liberman basically wrote the bible on the 2024 MLB promotional schedule). But, this ranks atop nearly any other night at the ballpark we’ve ever seen.

💭 Wondering how the whole thing came together?

📢 Around the hobby and beyond

Since it’s a holiday weekend, we will keep things brief, but in case you find yourself on a beach this weekend (or looking to avoid family at the barbecue), here’s some additional reading from cllct this week.

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