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The inside scoop on PSA and Goldin's divorce 👀

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Michael Jordan jerseys were nearly impossible to find when he was drafted by Bulls in 1984. It would take the success of Air Jordan clorhing for NBA commissioner David Stern to realize he had to strike a deal with manufacturers to make jerseys for fans.

Three years after PSA’s parent company, Collectors, acquired Goldin, the two companies are officially going seperate ways. Our Ben Burrows has the inside scoop on the trials and tribulations of the short-lived partnership.

To many, the Goldin-Collectors partnership in 2021 was immediately problematic. An official relationship between the company responsible for objectively grading cards and the company attempting to sell those cards was a clear conflict of interest.

In reality, the relationship was never quite as effective as expected. While Goldin and PSA certainly made progress toward their own goals, it eventually became clear that a better fit might be out there.

eBay was the answer for both.

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cllct editor and reporter Will Stern went to the 2023 National with $0 and no expectations. He left with the crown jewel of his collection.

The estate of Negro Leagues star Josh Gibson has agreed to a multi-year, long-term deal with Topps and Fanatics Collectibles, expanding the current relationship and adding the possibility of cards containing autographs and game-worn memorabilia in the future.

Some of the most important comic books in the hobby were auctioned at Heritage on Thursday, though mixed results could be sign for concern for high-roller comic collectors.

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