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Harry Potter record, NBA Draft busts + more...

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With the first day of the NBA Draft in the books, we take a look at the No. 1 overall picks who have turned out to be the biggest “hobby flops” since 2000.

The original cover art from “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone” sold for $1.92 million Wednesday at Sotheby’s, crushing the previous record for a “Potter” item of $471,000.

The artwork's origins date back a year before the 1997 release of the book, when Thomas Taylor, a 23-year-old recent art school graduate, presented a few past works to the team at Bloomsbury publishing.

He then soon received a call from Bloomsbury publisher Barry Cunningham to produce his first professionally commissioned work: It was a little-known book called "Harry Potter" by an unpublished author named J.K. Rowling, who had been rejected by 12 other publishers before Bloomsbury.

👟 “Broken-foot” Air Jordan 1s to hit the block

  • A pair of Air Jordans worn in Jordan’s famous “broken-foot” game will sell this weekend with a high estimate of $500,000. They last sold during the height of the market for more than $420,000.

⚾️ Babe Ruth and Ty Cobb signed Hall of Fame ticket

🏈 Tom Brady pants to sell at Goldin

A relay torch from the 2024 Paris Olympics will be sold next month, a week before the final torch-bearer lights the flame to officially mark the start of the Summer Games.

As the card and memorabilia business has grown, so, too, have the businesses of the unique few who make card art.

Tim Carrol will exhibit his work next month at The National, but the artist won’t be taking commissions… he’s booked until September 2027.

After being “unfairly looped” into Nike’s bungling of the Major League Baseball uniform debacle, Fanatics presented a very buttoned-up story as it rolled out its new line of NHL jerseys for next season.

In a “long overdue” change for collectors, transparency is coming to PSA’s grading process with the launch of grader notes, starting this week.

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