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Bon Jovi under fire, DeChambeau collectibles lacking

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Despite Bryson DeChambeau’s exciting victory Sunday to take home his second U.S. Open, collectors are faced with limited options when it comes to his memorabilia.

Jon Bon Jovi recently sold signed inserts for his band’s 16th studio album “Forever,” and collectors quickly took to message boards to complain over the authenticity of the autographs. PSA told cllct the autographs were clearly done by a machine rather than Bon Jovi’s own hand.

Eagle-eyed observers in collecting forums screen-grabbed Bon Jovi's Instagram post and noted everything on the table is signed in the top left margin where the autograph could best be seen. Earlier this week, at a live signing in New York, Bon Jovi showed a CD also signed in the upper left corner.

🪄 Harry Potter card tops $40,000

  • The second-highest price ever paid for a Harry Potter card was recorded this weekend at Goldin, second-only to the nearly $50,000 paid for another example of the same card in 2022.

🥊 Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!! dissapoints

  • One of the best copies of Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!! video game, an early production example graded Wata 9.4 A++, sold for $85,400, down from over $115,000 paid for a comparable copy in November 2023.

👗 Marilyn Monroe dress fetches $254,000

Two pieces from the Wright Brothers' plane, carried to the moon in 1969 and sourced from Neil Armstrong's collection, sold for $250k.

In last week’s sports card market report, Paul Skenes cards took a big leap, while we await a course correction for others.

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