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Auction records, sports card market report + more

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A blockbuster NBA trade, the end of the NHL season and a slowing market for several key football players moved this week’s sports card market.

For the first time in the company's 33-year history, PSA will include details explaining the exact reasoning behind its grades for trading card submissions.

Considered long overdue by many collectors, the addition of grader notes is a significant step forward in transparency for an industry that has always been highly secretive and highly subjective.

“I don’t know if I have a super elegant answer other than I just think it’s the right thing to do,” PSA president Ryan Hoge told cllct of the reasoning for the move. Hoge added he considers the change the most significant for the company since PSA added half-point grades in 2008.

⚾️ Babe Ruth early photo nabs almost $100,000

  • A 1915 Red Sox team photo, featuring a rookie Babe Ruth, sold for nearly $100,000, proving the market for vintage and pre-war baseball photos remains strong.

⛸️ Tonya Harding outfit sells for $17,485

  • A truly unique piece of history crossed the auction block this weekend, as the outfit worn by Tonya Harding the day after the Kerrigan attack sells for over $17,000.

📕”Hobbit” sells for $300,000

A dress worn by Princess Diana in 1987 sold for $910,000 at auction through Julien’s Thursday afternoon, marking the latest example of the rabid market for memorabilia of the “People’s Princess.”

Pulse Trading Cards aims to challenge the crowded market with a new premium product, launching its first set, 2024 Pulse Baseball, on Friday, featuring top minor-leaguers.

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