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Air Jordan record, Madden cover reveal + more

📞 cllct call 📞

🏈 Madden NFL 25 cover: cllct’s picks

The much-anticipated cover athlete for EA Sports’ “Madden NFL 25” will be revealed Tuesday. As we await the announcement, cllct presents the five nominees who we feel best deserve to be on this year’s cover (with proposed imagery).

🗞️ Cutting up historical relics opens up 'whole new category of collecting'

John Reznikoff has sold everything from a swatch of the curtain from Ford’s theatre the night of President Lincoln’s assassination to a stained and torn polo shirt that once belonged to President Franklin D. Roosevelt. Each piece comes encapsulated in a slab the size of a matchbook and offers collectors a chance to own history at a fraction of the price.

While University Archives deals in all matter of historical items, Reznikoff’s unique approach to relics has completely altered the way collectors view the industry.

Reznikoff’s relics, a collection of items consigned through his auction house and acquired over the years by the man himself, are as comprehensive of an overview of history as one could possibly imagine to find in one collection.

💰️ Auction recap

⚾️ Ernie Banks jacket found at Goodwill sold for $15,569

  • The jacket was found by 18-year-old Jack Ricketts less than six months ago at a Goodwill store in Oregon. He paid less than $10.

🏀 Air Jordan prototypes set auction record

🏈 Brady’s pants second-only to Babe Ruth

  • The pants worn by Tom Brady in his final NFL game sold for $89,100 at auction, the record for any pants that weren't worn by Babe Ruth.

🛒 How to buy graded sports cards

In our latest cllct guide, we cover the ins and outs of the four major grading companies and bring you everything you need to know when buying and selling graded cards.

🤦 How I ruined my 1986 Michael Jordan rookie card

As our Kevin Jackson learned the hard way, not all “protective” card holders were created equally: A cautionary tale.

📺️ Watch: Our breakdown of one of the most incredible autographs we’ve ever seen

 👟 Panini, Reebok to release Prizm-inspired Emmitt Smith sneaker, card collection

Panini America and Reebok will partner for the second time on a lineup of apparel and sneakers build around the Prizm trading-card brand. This time, the collaboration, which will be released Friday, is set to feature a “Preseason” clothing line as well as three new sneakers with Prizm-inspired designs to honor Emitt Smith

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