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$25 million cardboard, wanted posters and more

📞 cllct call 📞

📆 New card releases: What you need to know

Two of the most important releases of the year for collectors drop this week with 2024 Topps Series 2 Baseball and 2023-24 Donruss Optic Basketball. Here’s everything you need to know.

⚾️ $25 million T206 Wagner surfaces

A newly surfaced T206 Honus Wagner card played the starring role in the new season of Ken Goldin’s “King of Collectibles,” when the show debuted Wednesday on Netflix.

Goldin placed a $25 million estimate on the card, more than double the current record for the most expensive card ever sold. We spoke to its owner and dug into the history behind the grail.

This Wagner sat in a safety deposit box for 45 to 50 years before collector Steve Lichtman acquired it and had graded by SGC in July 2021.

"This card was on nobody's radar. It was on no website. No one had seen it. Literally, it just came out of thin air," Lichtman told cllct.

For Lichtman, who owned an SGC 3 example at the time, this was a rare chance to upgrade the already-elite class of grail cards.

 🏎️ The Road to the 2024 National: Meet Dan Wulkan from Memory Lane

Over the next month, cllct will highlight vendors, memorabilia and items that we'll be seeing in Cleveland. This week, we started with Memory Lane’s Dan Wulkan.

Wulkan is the first person collectors see when they walk through the doors, and he comes prepared with some of the most incredible memorabilia imaginable.

💰️ Auction preview

🌑 Space memorabilia comes to Heritage

  • Before departing for the unknown, Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins signed insurance covers, meant to be sold in the case of disaster as a source of funds for their families. Today, they have become coveted collectibles.

⚽️ Mia Hamm’s top card at PWCC ahead of Olympics

🏀 Can a championship fuel Jayson Tatum’s card market?

📫️ ‘Greatest collection’ of U.S. stamps to be auctioned this weekend

Billionaire Bill Gross has spent over $100 million amassing the greatest collection of U.S. stamps in history. This weekend, the most valuable and rare stamps from his collection will sell at auction, including the Z-Grill, which is the rarest and potentially most expensive U.S. stamp.

📺️ Watch: Why the NBA needs to confirm Jerry West is “The Logo.”

🙅 Baseball's 10 most memorable error cards: From "F--- FACE" to "No Name on Front"

Jackson Holliday's tribute to one of the hobby’s most famous error cards in 2024 Topps Series 2 has left collectors reminiscing over the biggest mistakes and mishaps of all time, and the cllct team is no different.

🦸 Upper Deck to produce trading cards of DC Super Heroes and Villains

Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and The Joker are all coming to Upper Deck.

UD announced a collaboration with Warner Bros. Discovery Global Consumer Products to produce trading cards, memorabilia and tabletop games.

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